Fuck what Life is supposed to be

“Something is wrong with me” – is a thought I’ve been hearing from more and more people lately. Not just one age group, but all. And I don’t remember hearing any such thoughts a few years ago from anyone around me. People, even in this convenient era, seem to be convinced more than ever before, […]

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What Love means to me

Last year, I was telling a couple of friends in a cafe about a woman I’m deeply fond of, and how she had little idea about it. My friends thought I was stupid to hold onto this thought since the woman was seeing someone else. I said,

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Who is the architect of your life?

You’re sitting in an exam, for which you moderately prepared. One by one, you trudge along answering the familiar sounding questions. Then suddenly, your pen stops. It’s a question you have never seen before. What do you do? One choice is to leave the question altogether. If you do attempt to answer, you can sneak […]

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