How I met my Employer: Epilogue

28th December, 2010. The sun was setting in Vadodara, after a really long day. Dad and I had been house-hunting for four days now, and our efforts seemed to get vainer and vainer. Tired of waiting for a phone call, we were getting tea at some sub-standard restaurant. Not surprisingly, I wasn’t in one of […]

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Episode II: Judgement Day.

“Sometimes the truth isn’t good enough, sometimes people deserve more. Sometimes people deserve to have their faith rewarded…” The common room echoed with the calm and desperate growl of Christian Bale. Curtains were about to close on ‘The Dark Knight’, as well as our results of the first interview. The clock was carelessly approaching quarter […]

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Episode 1: The First Interview

The glass door opened smoothly, despite the trembling hand pushing it. I had just walked into the first interview of my life.¬†The silence was so chilling, I hoped my heart beats weren’t audible. “Good evening, Sir.” I put on my most humble and confident voice, with a hint of a smile. The interviewer told me […]

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