EuroStory 1: Malmö

It’s an exciting feeling to wake up and know you’re doing something for the first time that day; which in my case was exploring a new city on my own. There was no ground work I did before I left. I had no agenda for the day. I just googled for a minute, and saw […]

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All because her name was Dumbhead

The year was 2007, when Orkut used to be a thing. Remember Orkut? People used to have cartoons and actors for profile pictures (predominantly females), apparently because the internet was thought unsafe to upload personal pictures. And today they feel comfortable uploading pictures of their families in swimming pools. Ah, progress. It wasn’t just the […]

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The Price of Benevolence

People often say that the Mumbai local is the lifeline of the city. But since I don’t need to travel long distances on a daily basis, I seem to have developed a similar relationship with the Mumbai Auto. This isn’t to say that every single auto-ride is a memorable one. We have a tendency to […]

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