The unforgettable passenger

Wherever we go, we carry huge expectations and rejoice when reality comes close, or exceeds them. And as we know the rejoicing doesn’t happen often, and consequently quotes on the lines of ‘reality sucks’ and ‘expectations always hurt’ keep coming up.

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EuroStory 4: Granada & Me

“I’m going to Granada tomorrow, and I’ll join you guys in Seville day after.” The response was just silent nodding, and nothing else. There were no explanations sought, which frankly was a relief. Next morning, we headed to the Madrid railway station to buy our respective tickets. One thing you should know about Spain, France […]

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EuroStory 1: Malmö

It’s an exciting feeling to wake up and know you’re doing something for the first time that day; which in my case was exploring a new city on my own. There was no ground work I did before I left. I had no agenda for the day. I just googled for a minute, and saw […]

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The Europe Story: Prologue

“So how was your exchange?” I give a moderately humble head-bob, nod, smile, and answer – yeah, it was good. This is a question every student is asked by dozens. I can’t speak for the others, but it really stumps me. For even if it were a 3 hour movie, I’d barely manage a crisp […]

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