Taking off in the MBA Flight

In the beginning of the movie Batman Begins, when Bruce Wayne finally scales the mountain and reaches Ra’s al Ghul, he is huffing and panting. Ra’s: Are you ready to begin? Bruce: I… I can barely stand. And then he gets kicked to the ground. A couple of more blows later, Bruce finally starts to […]

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I am floating. Flying. Drifting. The feeling is that of weightlessness. Gravity is not the only thing that drags us down. We all have our baggage, and get weighed down by several things.

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The Price of Benevolence

People often say that the Mumbai local is the lifeline of the city. But since I don’t need to travel long distances on a daily basis, I seem to have developed a similar relationship with the Mumbai Auto. This isn’t to say that every single auto-ride is a memorable one. We have a tendency to […]

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Peace is Now.

I am at so much peace. It’s no surprise I feel like writing now, after such a long time.Leaning on two pillows propped up on a comfortable bed, I’m living one of my childhood dreams. It’s a hotel room, with just me and my stuff in it. Music is playing in full volume on my […]

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To Coldplay with Love

Dear Coldplay, I feel like a little kid thanking JK Rowling for Harry Potter. But even though you’re not JKR and I’m not a little kid, my gratitude is as innocent, sincere and heartfelt. The first song of yours I heard was Viva la Vida, since I had read about it winning a Grammy. I’ll […]

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Thinking matters.

The inspiration to write comes to various people in various ways. For me, it comes when I have a really happy spike in my graph of life, or when I am blessed with a brilliant epiphany. This post is a result of a bit of both. People who’ve been in touch with me recently know […]

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A little change of heart

When I first started blogging, I didn’t really know what to write about. Not that I have the greatest ideas nowadays, but the purpose has changed, and so have I. The ‘How I met my Employer’ series definitely takes the cake, having given it a novel-like feel. But some posts were, now that I think […]

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Just Relax

Time and again you hear stories or watch movies where some major incident happens to someone, in total randomness, and somehow changes that person’s life. It’s been six months in Mumbai now, and looking back at 2011, the contrast between the first and second half of the year has been stupendous for me.While there wasn’t […]

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