The unforgettable passenger

Wherever we go, we carry huge expectations and rejoice when reality comes close, or exceeds them. And as we know the rejoicing doesn’t happen often, and consequently quotes on the lines of ‘reality sucks’ and ‘expectations always hurt’ keep coming up.

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EuroStory 1: Malmö

It’s an exciting feeling to wake up and know you’re doing something for the first time that day; which in my case was exploring a new city on my own. There was no ground work I did before I left. I had no agenda for the day. I just googled for a minute, and saw […]

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Rise Above Hate

The timing of the attacks on Paris has made a critical difference in the way I felt about it.  In all honesty, such incidents have never really made any significant or lasting impact on me, perhaps because I’ve been fortunate to not have any personal connection to them. The Charlie Hebdo case was disturbing as […]

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All because her name was Dumbhead

The year was 2007, when Orkut used to be a thing. Remember Orkut? People used to have cartoons and actors for profile pictures (predominantly females), apparently because the internet was thought unsafe to upload personal pictures. And today they feel comfortable uploading pictures of their families in swimming pools. Ah, progress. It wasn’t just the […]

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Thinking Aloud: Kung Fu Pisa

You know how some people appear inhumanly confident? They have this look, that says – “Hmm, I think I’ll go cross the English Channel today. Mount Everest can wait another week” Well, I’m not one of those people. But it wasn’t always so. Going back to my school days, achievement was commonly known in an […]

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Taking off in the MBA Flight

In the beginning of the movie Batman Begins, when Bruce Wayne finally scales the mountain and reaches Ra’s al Ghul, he is huffing and panting. Ra’s: Are you ready to begin? Bruce: I… I can barely stand. And then he gets kicked to the ground. A couple of more blows later, Bruce finally starts to […]

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