The Liking Nonsense

There was a time when the first thing we did after waking up was brush our teeth. Today, it has been comprehensively beaten by ‘check your phone’. Regardless of course of other ‘pressing matters’.

So this noon, as I purred lazily and reached for my phone, it was filled with – no, overflowing with these:

“Please like my entry. Help our college win!”

“Please like the original photo, not this post.”

“Please like this. And like this too, otherwise the like will not count.”

What the fuck man.

Before writing this, I actually googled to see if there were any outbursts or even the slightest abomination of competitions based on Facebook/YouTube likes. To my utmost dejection, I could find none on page 1.

It has been around 7 months since I’ve started my MBA. And it is heartening to know I can vehemently write about it all I want, unlike being employed, where there’s little you can write about your work.

Long story short, pretty much everything in this so called higher education is a farce. If you would ask me one thing, the one thing that is the least tainted and still has something real about it, it would be B-school competitions.

Now I’m not a very active guy in competitions myself, barring quizzes. But I know a fair bit about them.

To break it down for you, there are two types – the ones conducted by companies, and those conducted by B-school students themselves. I have nothing to say about the former, except that most of them are a brilliant learning experience.

No, I am talking to you, my dear budding MBAs.

You, my friends, are an exceptional lot. There is no question. Whatever college you’re in, you have to accept that. Aptitude tests, interviews, group discussions, summer internships, clubs, – you have breached many walls.

Why this please like business then, I implore you?

Are we a bunch of jungle monkeys? Whoever screeches the loudest wins?

Are we WWE trump cards? Chest 50 beats Chest 48?

Are we standup comedians? Louder the laugh, better the joke?


I mean the current situation is so pathetic, that even presentations on Finance are being collated into a single image, and begging for likes. Which basically means even if someone uses Newton’s laws of motion for their financial projections, but gets the most likes because of their popularity and social adeptness, they win. Am I the only one who sees how abysmally absurd that is?

The only reason I can think of is laziness. Why go to the trouble of individual evaluation when it can be quantified and simplified, right?

Please, come out of your stupor. This is wrong. We are all well-educated men and women. Let us not pollute the sanctity of competitions. And there are better ways to market your clubs. Put a few heads together, and create something.

If we don’t stop this, we are no different from the guys distributing flyers at malls and stations. When I see Marketing Club of XYZ forcing me to like their page, I imagine that flyer guy handing it to me. It will end up in the bin, and so will their reputation.

As wise men put it all the time – we are the future. Before launching another competition based on likes, give it a second thought.
I don’t want the next generation living in a world where their feeling of self worth is decided by popularity. And I’m certain most of you don’t, either.

2 thoughts on “The Liking Nonsense

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