I am floating. Flying. Drifting.

The feeling is that of weightlessness.

Gravity is not the only thing that drags us down. We all have our baggage, and get weighed down by several things.



Sandra Bullock, in “Gravity”:  One can literally touch the serenity in this scene.

Alcohol, cigarettes, and substance abuse is done by many all over the world to feel free again, from the gut-wrenching pains of life. To feel weightless.

This post doesn’t attempt to discourage any of those things. It is merely something else I did last week, when I felt down and out.

Every now and then we slip into negative spirals over the most trivial of things. I slip a little more than normal people, but I have become more and more adept at getting back up.

Last week was such a case. Down and down I went, into the self-loathing phase where even your walk betrays your mood, what with the hunched shoulders. Nothing looked even vaguely fascinating.

Then I picked up a book. And another. And another. Then I decided to watch the most compelling movies of 2013.

The change was quite evident. I felt like having met my long lost friends after years and years. The conscience began to take steps upward. Have you seen a wailing baby, and how it stops only if it’s held by its mother? It felt like that.

Once you start moving upwards, you get these amazing ideas. No, not like discovering electricity. They are more like impulses, with a very positive ring to them. This Saturday for instance, I felt this incredible urge to go meet a close friend, who I hadn’t met for a couple of months. That’s progress, dear readers.

I have this annual tradition of trying to watch all the Oscar nominated movies before the awards are actually given out. Not that I am biased to like only the nominated films. It’s just that we in India hear about only the commercially successful films. Anyway, back to the story.

Sunday arrived, and I decided to watch “Rush” the moment I woke up. In this surreal string of movies, I thought some disappointment is in store. Surely the next one can’t be any better? But the bar just kept going higher.

Her” was one of the nine nominated movies, available only in one theater in Mumbai. There was a 1.30 PM show, and a 11 PM show.
The theater was a good 20 kms away.
The clock said 12.30 PM.

Inside my head:

“Sure, the obvious choice is 11 PM now. The night will be cooler to travel, and it’s too late to go for the 1.30 show now. 
Or is it?
I need 15 mins to get ready. Which means I’m likely to reach around 1.45, and miss the first 10-15 mins. 
No way.
Or yes way? How about it ? Kishore Pisapati vs Mumbai Traffic.. Kishore and the incredible race against time.. 
Get ready, idiot!
It’s now or never.”

I got off the train at Dadar, and my watch read 1.25. Music was pumping into my earphones, and the track was an adrenaline upping one. I still had to travel 10 mins by cab from the highway outside the station.

Of course, the journey had obstacles. And time was running out. How else would it be fun? Bring it, Dadar.

And so I started to run.

People, peddlers, people, flower baskets, vegetables, garbage, people, people, etc were some of the obstacles. I swerved between and past them with mesmerizing speed. The music had a telling effect.

I took my seat at 1.45, and the movie began two minutes later.

That run was a spiritual experience in some ways. During that run, I had a revelation. I remembered how Jake Sully felt when he first ran in his Avatar, in the movie Avatar. 

You see, it wasn’t the physical speed of the body that mattered. It was the mere act of running, and the context, which made me feel like I was flying.

It was weightlessness. To run, without a care in the world. I knew I was out of the pit.

People often give their own definitions to scientific terms, and here’s me defining the term ‘infinite’.

Infinite is the number of things you can do to enjoy life, at any time, in any circumstances.

The run was an act of passion for my love, the movies. And love needs to be shown, not just felt.

Remember what I said the bar getting raised by the movies I was watching in fast succession? It was hence unfathomable, that any movie could top Rush on the same day. 

Her” did. It was beautiful.

Infinite is the extent to which you can feel, and live.

No conditions applied.


9 thoughts on “Infinity

  1. I don't know if you deliberately did it…but if you read your post at the speed I read it, the music moves with it…as in, the point when you reach Dadar and have ten minutes to a cab and the question is whether you will reach on time or not…the music starts picking up speed and it's like a video I am watching where you're running and the movie is about to start and this music is playing. Which brought me to the idea — why don't you create an animated video of sorts of some of your stories on the blog? And you could do your own voice over. Something in your free time.


  2. I was desperately waiting for someone to notice that ! It was deliberate. I'm intensely passionate about the background scores used in movies, so after half an hour of trials, I finalized onto this track. (which incidentally is from 'Her')

    And as usual, I'm not surprised by your suggestion of taking it to the next level 🙂 I believe I should get some sort of consistency first, and then venture into unexplored territory.

    Thank you so much – not just for the feedback, but for giving me the push to write this.


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