Moments you live for

Okay I’m still trying to soak in what’s happened, so this may look like a quick scribble.

Imagine yourself in this situation. Put yourself in Andy Murray’s boots, and feel the weight of personal expectations, and 76 years of a nation’s expectations.

That day I really felt for him, coming into touching distance of a dream shared by a nation, and seeing it snatched away by the King (Federer) himself.

Now imagine coming back to the same center court exactly a year later, to be giving your winning speech.

Of the billions who have walked this earth, how many people get such an opportunity ? How many get a second chance to rewrite history, with your most beloved ones watching, swelling with fierce pride?

And this is not a shot out of the blue. He defeated Roger Federer to win Gold two weeks after his loss to him at Wimbledon 2012. He won this year’s US open.

He is someone who has inched closer and closer to his dream, in baby steps. How much pain and struggle he has gone through for this day – the grandest moment of his life – we can only guess.

Of course, this Wimbledon saw Federer and Nadal bid an early goodbye, but why should that be taken against Murray ? People will keep citing circumstances and this and that – but the way I see it is, he wanted this more badly than anyone else. I don’t think anyone can disagree on that count. And he gave it absolutely everything. Beating the world No 1 in straight sets is by no means a mere feat.

Coming to the point though – I’m not from Great Britain. I’m from India. Neither am I such a hardcore tennis fan that I watch every minute of every grand slam. (even though I never miss wimbledon) Which begs to ask the question, why do I care about Andy Murray? This is my answer:

People look for various things around them. Some look for happiness. Some look for laughter. Some look for good company. And some look for love.

I look for inspiration.

I watched Andy Murray break down, and I watched him (on TV) come out of living hell, win and make history. And the winning goes far beyond a Wimbledon title. Love. Respect. Honour. Glory.

These are the things I live for. These are moments I live for. And if not watching someone achieve it all – is that not what inspiration is ?

Andy Murray – you are now a hero to millions of little kids in Great Britain. Add a 23 year old to that as well. Because you know what ?

Everybody needs a hero.

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