The league of extraordinary minds

Life is like a movie. I’m sure this has been quoted already by both the famous and the anonymous. But there’s a difference between knowing something, and understanding something. 

Our eyes and thoughts are like the lens of a camera. Some things are always in focus, and the rest out of it. We call this perspective.

For me, incessantly looking for something inspirational is that focus. Inspiration to do what, one might ask. I do not have the answer. Some everyday challenges like walking to the office on a Monday morning, or dealing with people hard to deal with – all the little things that constitute our lives, big and small.

So if I could connect with 5 people on a WeChat group, it would be the people who power my zest of living:

1. Chris Martin: Coldplay is the reason I’m not an atheist. Every single word that Chris Martin utters is like a gentle drizzle of summer rain. His ideologies, some of which are expressed in the movie Live 2012, are so enchanting that I would want him to interact with the most influential minds on earth. He could even come up with a new song or two based on these interactions, which may render everyone else quite speechless.

2. Bruce Wayne: I should specify that I’m referring to the one created by Christopher Nolan. My levels of obsession with Bruce Wayne (platonic, I assure you) supercede all others (which are many, by the way). His selflessness and incorruptibility is something I idolize for myself. And the fact that he became Batman by choice even when he could have led a billionaire’s life, is just too overwhelming for me. He simply has to be in this group. It’s the dream of the little boy inside me. He would challenge everyone’s sense of morality, unleashing his true powers – those which don’t need a mask and a cape. 

3. Christopher Nolan: The greatest mind that I know. It can’t really get any simpler than that. The inception of every idea will be done by him, and each one of them will fascinate and bewitch the listeners. He would be the one to take a thought to imperceptible levels. The point is to challenge everyone’s limits, because it may lead to the creation of something even greater.

4. Ayn Rand: There has to be one female in the group who pounces all these male egos with her high heels of intellect. And who better than the late creator of Atlas Shrugged and The fountainhead. Of course she herself may get overhauled and be forced to write something against objectivism – again, it’s beyond the limits that gets things cooking.

5. Gandalf: Finally, before the whole matter gets out of

hand and people leave the group, there has to be someone to put his foot down and bring a sense of calm to all. A moderator. He may not even completely comprehend the ongoing war of words, but the voice of the white wizard will do the trick anyway. 

This league of extraordinary minds could help me answer questions about God, morality and purpose. Perhaps one or two would prefer talking about something else, but hey – this is my game, I make the rules. I would ask who they looked up to, when they stumbled and fell, just as I look up to them today. They would understand that this is not a guy looking for secrets to success – but someone who wants to go places, and needs a helping hand to climb out of the pit of darkness like Bruce Wayne, and the courage to run like the wind, again.

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5 thoughts on “The league of extraordinary minds

  1. May i enter this Group? 😀

    I wanted to add Gandalf in my group but I kept him for some other day.. very well executed. Iove the way you wrapped it up. Two thumbs up 🙂


  2. With pleasure, you're most welcome ! 😀

    Thanks for the generous words ! I didn't get to writing it till the very last hour. Then I just wrote what came to my head. So honestly thought it wouldn't make much sense to anyone.. because one man's passion is another's craziness.

    But as I've discovered, Indibloggers aren't that shallow. Thanks again. 🙂


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