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Everyone has a preference for the subject of a conversation. Even the people who generally seem to have enough sense as to what the other person would be interested in talking about, there’s always something they would simply love to ramble about. That something for me, is movies.

Up till the first year of my college, movies never meant a great deal to me. They were nothing short of a source of entertainment, which of course was the reason they started. But something changed my outlook completely after that. I think I ran into people who themselves had vantage points both unique and passionate.

I’m not really dancing on cloud nine these days, quite frankly. But right now I’m heaving with so much emotion, I just can’t sleep till I write this. I thought a facebook status would do, but then this movie was so amazing I thought it’d be an insult to it. Thanks to this absolute delight of a movie, It’s a Wonderful Life.

One could be passionate in many ways about movies. There are action buffs, romantics; while some prefer the lighter side of it.

My preference is pretty simple. I fall in love with anything that touches my heart.

It could be the dialogue, the conversation, the expressions, or the music alone. (I’ve decided to dedicate a different post altogether for rambling on music) This doesn’t mean Twilight makes me coo and cry. The only thing I like in that movie is the cinematography. It’s pretty amazing.

Anyway, there needs to be some serious levels of intensity in at least one aspect of the movies. The story, the acting, the music…could be any one, or even perhaps all. I won’t mention any favorites here, otherwise this post will never end, and I’ll end up looking red-eyed drunk in office tomorrow.

The point is, movies mean more to me than anything else. People resort to different things when they feel lousy and depressed. Talking helps the most, and I know it because I do it for other people. But when it comes to me, I could talk to a hundred people, have fifty depressed conversations (the other fifty would either go offline or walk away, sensing the mood), and still feel the same. So nowadays I talk less and watch a movie instead. If I were a scientist I would’ve published a column in Times Trends that Movies have proven to uplift the mood more than people.

Looking back, the characters I have loved in my favorite movies have a common trait: They all cared more about something else other than themselves. Bruce Wayne, Samwise Gamgee, John Keating, Sean Maguire…and now George Bailey. All of them have truly inspired me, not to succeed or achieve something, but they inspire me to LIVE. The great directors and writers, through these outstanding actors, speak of their ideas. Ideas, which spark the zest of my life.

 All you can take with you is that which you have given away. – (A quote I noticed on the wall in the movie.)

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