10 epic movie scenes

So I thought since my last post was a little wayward, maybe this will make it feel more complete.
Here is the list of my 10 all time favorite movie scenes: Scenes which evoke emotions so powerful from me that I make sure I’m watching the movie alone.
(Note: This is slightly different from the list of my favorite movies)

To view the videos on the Youtube page, click on the title of the video.

#10. If only one thing had happened differently, from The Curious Case of Benjamin Button:

 #9. Desk scene, middle and end scenes, from Dead Poets Society

#8. George Bailey’s speech, from It’s a Wonderful Life

#7. The park bench scene, from Good Will Hunting.

#6 Return of the King, from Lord of the Rings

#5.  How I feel, from The Departed:

#4.  Sam’s speech, from Lord of the Rings:

#3.  Opening the Safe, from Inception:

 Blogger isn’t allowing me to paste the video here, so I’m just sharing the URL. Click here

#2.  Wayne Manor burns, from Batman Begins:

If I could, I would have shared the link to the entire movie. It’s the closest I feel towards any movie.

#1. The single greatest ending to any movie in my opinion, from The Dark Knight

I’m sure there are other scenes which choke me up or leave me entranced, but these are the ones I can always think about.

4 thoughts on “10 epic movie scenes

  1. “Scenes which evoke emotions so powerful from me that I make sure I'm watching the movie alone.”

    I thought I got the drift but looking down at the list, I guess I didn't. 😉


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