Thinking matters.

The inspiration to write comes to various people in various ways. For me, it comes when I have a really happy spike in my graph of life, or when I am blessed with a brilliant epiphany. This post is a result of a bit of both.

People who’ve been in touch with me recently know that I’m coming out of some tough times. I am tempted to use the word ‘harrowing’, but that seems like needless exaggeration now.

Everyone faces problems. It doesn’t matter if you’re the richest, wisest or strongest person on earth. You WILL face problems one way or the other.

I have a habit of overthinking, like I’ve mentioned in one of my previous posts. So I had this issue with my landlord, which was easy bait for my worrying head. It kept on amplifying it until it showed on my face, my work, and everything I do.

Most people told me I was being my usual paranoid self and I should stop worrying – the standard advice. Unsurprisingly, it didn’t work for me. Knuckleheads like me need something eccentric to get shaken off the paranoia.

Whilst these crazy times, I watched Midnight in Paris. The next day, I couldn’t help thinking about Owen Wilson, and how his idea of a book meant more than anything to him, to the extent of leading him to hallucinate about it. I marveled at how a man could get possessed by a singular thought and let it bring the best out of him. And that’s when it hit me.

If there’s one thing I learnt from the movie, it’s that there are just too many things to think about in this world, of which only some matter. The rest are inconsequential.

I looked back at my thoughts over the past weeks, and realised how little it mattered, and how stupid I had been. That very moment I made a decision, and put it immediately out of my head.

If you give something a lot more thought than it needs, it will spread from your head like a virus throughout your body. If you let it, it will destroy you, like it almost did me. Trust me, I am not joking. An unpleasant thought can be more dangerous than any virus or bacteria. You might have Hrithik Roshan’s abs or be Kareena Kapoor’s nutritionist, but your physical health means squat if you’re mentally unhealthy.

So just close your eyes for a moment, and think about everything that’s worrying you right now. Now think again.

Would it really matter if you’re unable to impress that girl?
If you lost a phone worth 30 grand, would crying about it get the phone back?
Are bad grades worth getting into chronic depression?

It might be easy for me to say it, but such thoughts are just not worth it. YOU are not worth it.
Sachin didn’t utter a single word throughout the 100 centuries’ drama, until he actually made it. Contrary to what people might say, I believe he’s been able to do it because of his love for the game and the country. If he would’ve let the media and fans get to him more than it did, he’d have retired a long time back. But he never has, and never will.

Great people have achieved what they have, because they thought about the right things. They figured out what matters and what doesn’t, which made all the difference.

Let your passion be the centre of your life, not your problems.

4 thoughts on “Thinking matters.

  1. Thinking too much is a problem you can perhaps control, but never fully get over. Recognising the problem and regulating it is what helped me. Continues to help me. I still overthink, but I try not to take my thoughts too seriously when I do.


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