A little change of heart

When I first started blogging, I didn’t really know what to write about. Not that I have the greatest ideas nowadays, but the purpose has changed, and so have I.

The ‘How I met my Employer’ series definitely takes the cake, having given it a novel-like feel. But some posts were, now that I think about it, a little controversial and narrowminded. It was about justifying my own opinions, all the time.

Mumbai has taught me to respect a wider range of thoughts and choices. The diversity of people never ceases to amaze me. Ask someone what they think of a movie: you’re likely to get five different opinions from five different people. Chances are you might find it disturbing: that someone loved Ra.One, or hated Black Swan, or liked ‘Mere Brother ki Dulhan’. You might also judge people for supporting a club you hate, or listening to Justin 

All this used to bother me a lot before, and I talked to an esoteric group of people. A few weeks before, I was at the back of a cab with my friends from college, who’d come to visit me in Mumbai. We were discussing about which movie to watch, and at some point I suggested Agneepath, which was met by laughter laced with contempt and mockery. “Dude, since when did you start watching Hindi Movies?”, one of them asked. I told them I’d watched most movies in recent times, including Ra.One, Rockstar, The Dirty Picture etc. 

They couldn’t believe it. The guy, who enjoyed delving into the psychologically thought provoking depths of cinema, watching all this?

Yes. I think I’ve learnt to enjoy Bollywood movies. But does this mean that I just watch movies for entertainment, and no longer enjoy intellectually challenging movies? Absolutely not.

So what changed?

There’s a song in the movie, ‘Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind’, and it goes like this:

“Change your heart
Look around you
Change your heart
It will astound you..”

That’s exactly what happened to me recently, and it’s not just about the movies.

The more restricted your thoughts and opinions are, the more black and white the world will look to you. It’s upto you how you like the world.

I didn’t know it was this colorful.

Try being okay with something you weren’t before, and see how much color it brings. Start with the little things, like a hindi movie, or dancing in a party..anything. It might even be the likes and dislikes of someone. If that girl isn’t into oscar winning movies, or doesn’t look sophisticated enough, then deal with it. You might suddenly notice how curiously enchanting her eyes are, or how wonderfully charming her simplicity is.

If you give it enough time, you’ll begin to look for the brighter side in every little thing, and it will soon become a way of life.

This Valentine’s day, I may not have had a special someone, but I’ve started to fall in love with this world. All with a little change of heart.

The beauty of life is, no matter how good or bad it already is, you don’t know how much better it can be.

Go add some color.

3 thoughts on “A little change of heart

  1. I liked the way you have expressed the situation of entering the new phase or the new start with the things. I can relate myself a little more easily with this situation as I have dealt with it before and seriously. It's FUN. :)keep writing. cheers to bloging.


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