How I met my Employer: Epilogue

28th December, 2010.

The sun was setting in Vadodara, after a really long day. Dad and I had been house-hunting for four days now, and our efforts seemed to get vainer and vainer. Tired of waiting for a phone call, we were getting tea at some sub-standard restaurant. Not surprisingly, I wasn’t in one of my best moods.

Yes, I had been placed in Evalueserve. I know I ought to feel proud of it, but for the repeated instances when my parents forgot the name of the company. An good healthy inferiority complex had built up in my conscience. Who am I, really ?

Jason Bourne : Who am I ?

So I was still looking out for any on-campus opportunities to come by. Some good consulting firm, which was more heard of, and didn’t have a problem with a gpa of 6.9 . Sitting on some stairs, leaning carelessly against the wall, I checked my email. Our placement head had sent us a notice of the companies to visit.

Being in Gujarat, I couldn’t afford to waste any time considering any possible travel to Patiala. Tickets had to be bought soon, if they were to be bought.

But my excitement and hurry weren’t able to open the attachment on my phone. Or maybe I just couldn’t figure it out then. So I called home immediately, and started instructing my mom. I had kept a simple password, so that I could reveal it in these situations.

Exasperated with my exasperation, mom called my brother to the computer as being a Gen-y’er he was faster.

“Tata consultancy services.”
“Okay, what’s the CTC ?”
“3.something (I don’t remember)”
“Next please!”

Likewise went Wipro alongiwith some companies I hadn’t heard of, until finally,

“Nomura services.” If auditory neurons could shout, I can imagine ‘Oh my God!’ as one of their chants. But I didn’t get my hopes up too much, and asked “Open to branches ?”

“6 L”
It still wasn’t time to shout.

“Minimum CG?” Tense moment.

They had recruited only one at NSIT, apparently. So I wasn’t that pepped up yet. “Go on.”


I had been waiting to hear or read that name since last september, when the placement season had started. And no, I didn’t have the slightest idea what exactly they did, but this was a name you can’t expect people to forget.

“CTC: 5.2 L , CS ECE EIC Elec.”

“Good.. and minimum CG?” Super tense moment. I had long harbored fear that Deloitte eventually come to recruit, but will ask for a 7 gpa. Some people have a habit of imagining the worst.


My liver : “What is it now, you bloody neurons ?”
Chief Neuron: ” Emperor brain calls for a party. Muster up all the adrenaline you can!”

I think I got carried away a bit. But you heard chief neuron. Not my fault.

The written test for Nomura was scheduled for 10th of January, and Deloitte on the evening of 12th, which would extend onto the 13th.

Dad somehow instructed Mom to buy the train tickets. Nomura was actually visiting on 17th, so the return was bought for the 19th. But then I also got one return for the 15th, in case I get through Deloitte. It felt stupid saying that, due to general lack of confidence, but still.

Later in the evening, we finally found a cyber cafe where I could properly see it for myself. There was an attachment specific to Deloitte, and the moment I opened the excel sheet, words like Java, SAP, oracle came screaming to my face.

“Looks like they’ll recruit only people from computer science then.” Before I could hopelessly agree, there was a section titled minimum requirements. Good analytical and communication skills.. the usual. There had to be a reason they entitled the electronics’ branches.

Then I sent a mail to Harry, inquiring for the number of computer science students applying, because when I checked it a few days later, not many from my branch had applied.

Harry replied with the entire list. Clearly I could see that the bigshots had opted out, as dream companies like Yahoo and Microsoft were yet to visit. (Deloitte was given ‘dream status’. And once one gets selected in a dream, he’s ruled out for the rest.) That’s when I realised, I seriously had a shot at this.

For all you patient readers, I’m sorry I have to fast forward at this point. I’m not disclosing the details of the process publicly. In case any of you are really interested, you can ask me privately.

This will most probably be my last blog post. Any forthcoming ones will be purely psychological. I doubt anyone’s interested.

500 people, including the Head of the placement council laughed at me in an introductory seminar in September for asking a valid question, which was misinterpreted by the entire fourth year somehow.

Seniors told me my gpa just wasn’t enough to hope for too much.

Ten months ago I said there is no way in hell I can make it to a dream company.

I’m going to Mumbai day after tomorrow to join Deloitte, as a BTA (Business Technology Analyst).

A moment I’d like to see again soon.

8 thoughts on “How I met my Employer: Epilogue

  1. Chief Neuron: ” Emperor brain calls for a party. Muster up all the adrenaline you can!” – ROFL!! IT felt like I was in your brain and seeing him order 😀 Good one!


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