Episode III: The Aftermath and Afterthought

‘Totally got molested.’

Pulkit and Harry were waiting outside the placement cell, and these were the very words that popped into my head, and out of my mouth, after the second interview.

One might say after reading the interview now, that it wasn’t that bad at all. But then comparing my walk and talk during and after the first interview the day before, this really was something.

I waited outside for further instructions, since I saw some people going for a third interview. Now I had no idea what that meant; but at that moment I could only suppose that these interviews were like levels to cross in Mario.

It was almost 3 o clock, and I went to get some lunch in the cafeteria. When I got back, a girl I knew was going in for her fourth interview.

Was she using a cheat code ?

Worries had now started to crop up in my head, which was obvious as my nervous head was the perfect fertilizer, and the interviewer had so kindly planted the seed. With nothing else to do, I kept on asking the guys assisting the whole process, whether I was supposed to wait for another call.

It was half past five, and still I hadn’t been called. Many got a third interview, and I didn’t like being left out. Finally, they said they had completed the interviews and were ready with the results.

We were asked to gather in another room. Harry and Pulkit were standing alongside me, and so we waited. After what seemed an eternity they entered, and we all instinctively stood up, as we’ve always done when someone in a tie and a suit enters the room.

They were recruiting in three different categories – Business Research, Investment research, and IPR; I had applied for BR. They started announcing the list with the very same.

The silence was deadening, and I felt cold inside. If dementors were real, they were in that very room.

My heart paced more and more with each name spoken out in BR, until they stopped. I think my heart would’ve followed suit, but the very next second, they proceeded with IR, and my name was the first spoken out.

Sachin could’ve been a few feet away, a dragon might’ve flown by, but once my name was uttered, there was no way in hell I would’ve noticed.

Twelve students had finally made it. I felt sorry for the girl who got left out in spite interviewing four times. Twelve, out of the 280 odd that started.

I would not go into details of the celebration, although I assure you all I didn’t run naked on the street, kiss anyone or get high that day.

Jokes and brags aside, there are a few things I notice once I reflect back on those couple of days. I believe these tips might be of some help.

Note: This is what my experience was. Interviewers are unpredictable, and what follows may not be true in some cases.

  • Resume: Be wary of everything you write in your resume. Every single word. Especially the extra-curriculars. More than half my interview was about that section.

  • Certificates: Neither of the two interviewers asked for my folder of certificates. So save yours and your friends’ time by telling them that running around and begging for an Aranya certificate will do no good. Whatever you did or achieved should be on the resume. They’re not interested in a fat colorful stack of cursive handwriting.

  • Cheating: Okay this is tricky. I didn’t cheat to get through, but the reason might have been that they shortlisted around 90 out of 280. Say it took just 30, then groups of students might put a loner into disadvantage. Watch out.

  • Luck: This is a bit more deep, and ought to be shared.
I honestly don’t believe in luck. Yes, I believe in chance, but I don’t hope for it to work wonders.

I’m usually referred to by people as pessimistic and/or cynical. But when it comes to stuff that matters, believe me I’m the most optimistic guy in the world. Those hours I waited with an empty stomach, for my second interview, never did my optimism waver. Many would get frustrated in the same scenario, and trust me that is bound to reflect in their interview as well. 

There are some questions to which many answers are possible with multiple explanations, but only one perfect set pleases the interviewer. I didn’t prepare any of them beforehand, but was spontaneous. Where some might say I got lucky, I’ll say that my blooming spirit did it’s job. When you’re thinking positively, the things you say in your spontaneity will reflect that. So, try not to get frustrated during the procedure.

Also, don’t beat yourself up if you realise you’ve given a wrong answer. Nobody who gets selected has all the right answers. Sometimes it doesn’t even matter whether you’re right or wrong.

All the best to everyone gearing up for this !

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