Of Movies and Musings.

1.This post is not intended in any way to criticize anyone’s opinions.

2. When I say movie, I mean Hollywood.

Just like for anything else, everyone has their own opinion of movies they watch. Where once only the Academy existed, now there’re entire websites dedicated to reviews and ratings. IMDb, Rotten Tomatoes.. you get the point.

This, inevitably has led to the biasing of the public’s judgement. Many worship IMDb and their list of the top 250, and some of them don’t watch anything rated below 7. Others call the movie total crap if it somehow passes over their head, or doesn’t live up to their expectations.

Personally, I don’t judge a movie by its rating. Not entirely, at least. I think I’ve more faith in the Academy.

Now you can all come at me flying with daggers, ‘Tera kya jaa raha hai… Sabki apni choice hai..’ etc.
Before you do so, I’m not here to tell you to make the right choice. This is not about what movies you like, but about those you don’t like and tag as nonsense. The minds behind the movie deserve much more respect and credit than what we give. After all, it’s a work of art.

Consider Da Vinci’s art as an example. Most of you would be aware about the plethora of interpretations of The Last Supper, or the symmetrical beauty of The Vitruvian Man or the mystery behind that Mona Lisa smile. Heck, these very intricacies form the grounds for so many novels, and subsequently documentaries/movies.

That’s the power of one single image.

Imagine the possible depth in a string of such images. Vis-a-vis, a movie.

If you think that you can comprehend that depth in one watch, you’re kidding yourself. Of course, not everyone prefers to go that way. Some like it shallow. But please don’t go mocking legends like Christopher Nolan, just because you didn’t get Inception. 

DiCaprio with God.
Again, the problem is not is your depth or shallowness. Yes, some people just watch movies for fun, and some dig deep and try to look from the director’s perspective. But no movie deserves to be called trash, especially when a movie blossoms after the painstaking efforts of hundreds. Ask yourself, does calling Mona Lisa stupid make any sense to you at all ? A movie is no different. They’re both a work of art.

One of my friends made a movie (Antiparallel) in his first year. There was a lot of publicity before the screening, and expectations were high. I couldn’t attend the screening for some reason. Afterwards, on what I heard from most friends, they didn’t get one bit of it. Two years later, when this guy became a close friend, I finally watched it. Obviously, after what most people said, I wasn’t too fussed about watching it.

It turned out to be superb. I had to watch a couple of scenes twice, and had a doubt about the last one. But coming from a first year, it was surprisingly intense and ornate.

I felt guilty about my earlier judgement. Art needs time to be perceived. 

The same goes for Inception too. Every time I watch it (5-6 times as of now), I observe something new, and it leaves me astounded every single time.

I’m not endorsing my friend’s movie or Inception here (But I don’t deny Christopher Nolan is my God). At some point, I’m sure many of you have discovered new insights after watching a movie again.

Lastly, this isn’t a request to go watch the entirety of Hollywood and try hard to fall in love with every one of them. It’s obviously up to you what you wanna watch. All I’m saying, some movies deserve more than one watch to be judged. And don’t let sites like IMDb cloud your opinion even before you watch it, when you have a working brain to make your own opinions.

So, the next time you hear your mom tell off you, or your sibling, “Kitni baar dekhoge? Aajtak koi chapter toh padha nahi ek baar se zyada..”, you can tell her that:

Mom, there are some things that are just meant to be done again.

7 thoughts on “Of Movies and Musings.

  1. I personally feel like slitting throats of people who talk against Inception or Nolan. It's a pity that they just don't get it.

    Also, for ratings and reviews, Rotten tomatoes has never failed me. Never.


  2. well, in the beginning you say that everyone is entitled to their opinion of a movie and by the end you are whopping people for not liking a movie because you think it's a masterpiece. Please respect their opinions as much as we respect yours.

    I agree with your point that people have started relying too much on website reviews and ratings than their own judgement – I think that's a big sociological change in the society – people turning into robots and not using their own brains for every day activities. That definitely needs to change!

    FYI, I did enjoy Inception but also acknowledge the opinion of people who thought it was ludicrous.


  3. @Tanya: LOL totally.

    @Ira: I've also explicitly mentioned that this post isn't about just one movie. My whole point was that judging a movie from one watch is unfair to its makers.

    I respect calculated opinions, not first impressions.


  4. I totally agree with you kishore on this point that ratings can never define a movie…but i didnt understand why you have more faith in the academy when they didn't even include Nolan in the best director category for inception…


  5. @Gurjyot: That's indeed deeply regrettable. The same thing happened with the Dark Knight as well. But I said more faith, because when I compared the academy's choices over the years with IMDb ratings (as you know not all oscar winners are rated well in IMDb), I found them much better. Of course, some may think otherwise, but this is what I felt.


  6. Well said KiThor…

    A thought:
    There's wine…to be poured just a l'il…swirled around the goblet a few times…it's aroma to be inhaled, n then sipped just a l'il…..do all that and you experience what the wine-maker intended. In the right mood, n with enough time at your disposal – it sounds perfect. (Maybe an easy Saturday evening)

    And there's a shot of vodka – pour, raise, n BAM – and you're done. (Perhaps when you get off work at 8 n ve to get back in a couple of hours…)

    Experiencing a Moussaka…vs gobbling down a McVeggie…

    Experiencing a symphony…vs a quick 3-min pop number…

    Consider the sheer volume of movies produced these days.
    Combine it with the lack of time to sit and watch a movie(with active attention – thinking)(and re-watch in case some aspects aren't pellucid the first time).
    =>Not many people can dedicate as much to what, for them, is s'posed to be a time out (n brain out) zone…
    Lets face it – we had too much time on our hands in Thapar to watch inception so many times and spend those endless nights peeling away little details…but for many, the convenience of a quick, easy-to-get entertainer is what's needed most of the time – n a site to give a rating seems like a good idea than to watch something n realise you weren't in the mood for smthin like that…

    (Oh and I'm waiting for a certain person who inspired this post to read it 😉 )


  7. @K^2: Awesome metaphors man ! Yes, we've had time, which most people don't.

    I say go for vodka over wine if you want to. But don't say wine is boring. Woohoo pop music, but don't insult a symphony.

    What you've said goes to show that this is beyond movies. This is about the way of expression of your choice. Some simply praise and respect what they're passionate about, while others express their choices by contemptuously mocking the rest, or calling them ordinary.

    It is the latter group that disappoints me. You might've noticed most great personalities get all the respect they deserve after they die. I just hope that trend doesn't last any longer.


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