How I met my employer: Prologue.

Okay kids, it’s the story you’ve all been waiting for. The story of How I met my employer.


It’s the summer of 2010. Vacations have begun, and there I was, idling away the most boring period of the year. Yes, I hate vacations. They give me a sense of restlessness. Maybe it’s because I’ve no friends in Gujarat.

And like every other 3rd year, I was waiting anxiously for the grades to be out. For those who don’t know, I had a gpa of just 6.8 (Instrumentation). This used to depress me a lot, since my best friends were all nines. I got 7.6 in my first sem, and no matter how hard I tried (although usage of the word ‘hard’ is questionable), I constantly got 6.8 after that.

But in the sixth sem, I finally let go of my gpa insecurity, and decided to be passionate about stuff I like. This consequently led me to my biggest achievement in college yet. I was chosen as the HR (Hostel Representative) of my hostel, for the literary inter-hostel festival called Acumen. Actually there were three HRs, but since I was senior to the other two, I was the one pulling the strings.

No, that wasn’t the achievement. Our hostel won it, and I led them to it. And for those not familiar with it, it is a big deal.

Anyway, it has a great relevance to my story, that’s why I had to give you a gist.

So this time, when I got my grades, I was prepared. Prepared to accept the fact that everything has a price. Sure enough, I’d ended up on 6.5 this time, with my first ever D grade.

But guys, getting your lowest ever gpa, right before the placement season was about to begin, gets you bothered. Perturbed.

My gpa ended up on 6.86. I was heading into job-hunting as a six pointer. Scary. And no matter how many seniors I talked to, none gave me a positive vibe on the placement front. So I finally accepted the fact that IT is my only hope. And so, in the last two weeks of my vacation, I started solving placement papers of Accenture, TCS, Infosys etc.

As I waved goodbye to my parents from the Volvo to Ahmedabad, I couldn’t tell what was on their minds. I had tried to assure them that I’ll find a way into some IT company, somehow. But parents have their own magical way of knowing things, and they could clearly see, that I wasn’t sure of anything myself.

Coming up next: Season 1, Episode 1, The First Interview.

6 thoughts on “How I met my employer: Prologue.

  1. Why, it was a big deal, ofcourse 🙂 I enjoyed that Acumen a lot!

    I remember asking Pulkit, “Will the HR guy kinda accept me? Will his majesty allow me to enter the word play contest?”

    And when I came to knew you, you were so cool 🙂

    Hah gpa and all, I had a couple of D's in there for 3 years, I jst fixed it a lil bit by havin all A's in 4th year. But seriously it doesn't matter, jst be focused and determined, and you'll get it.


  2. You give too much importance to grades. Sounds cliche, but it doesn't matter whether you're a D or an F. As long as you know your stuff, you'll shine anywhere. And I love the title!


  3. A lot of people have told me that. I discovered lesser known deeper levels of depression coz of it. Regrettable, but you haven't heard the story yet !

    And thanks! 🙂 (finally someone said it 😀 )


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