A day at the office.

Before I start,

– I’m referring to my 6 months internship, and not my job. -(1)
– From equation 1, it is evident that I don’t have a lot of work, so this is pretty much a spectator’s view. 😛
Back in college, I used to be (and still am, duh) a big fan of the TV show, The Office (US). For those of you who don’t know about it, this show is almost entirely shot in the office of a paper company, and has all the ingredients of any corporate office:

1. Receptionist (Yes, female. Yes, cute.)
2. Cubicles
3. Sales people, Accountants
4. The boss, and the protagonist of the show, Michael Scott !

It’s the kind of show which doesn’t have any audience laughs, like in Friends, or That 70’s show. It all looks real, which amplifies its humour quotient massively.
So when I first came to my office, I’d painted myself a mental picture of how it would be. Who’d be the one to get pranked, who’d be the girl to stare at, etc.
Next thing you know, I’m sending a text to Rishav and Gunjeet (Office fans), “Dude, the office is great..on Television ! :|”
Seriously guys, it was a disappointment. Right from the vanilla receptionist, to the boring employees.
I mean, there’s nothing wrong with them, as such. But when you watch shows like The Office, or too much Hollywood, it’s no good. No one wearing a black tux and moving around conspicuously, like in The Matrix. No packages from unknown people, no calls from anonymous secret agents, instructing you every movement, as you hang on to your life, and breath.
But it’s been a month now, and I’m starting to notice some funny patterns. For instance, I can assure you, that the longest hour in the day is from 2 pm to 3 pm. It directly follows my happiest and favorite hour of the entire day, from 1 pm – 2 pm, THE LUNCH BREAK !

Starting from 2, any person you talk to, just anyone, would yawn atleast twice, every minute. Even your boss. Effect of the rice, I suppose. The whole office, during that hour, falls into a sullen silence, as if half-asleep. I, myself, start day-dreaming about sleep.

But then, the chaiwala approaches, at around 3.30, to every desk. The moment the tea touches your lips, all hell breaks loose. Suddenly phones start ringing, people are getting up (read waking up) from their chairs, up and about, scurrying here and there. It’s as if we’re all Popeyes, and the chaiwala gave spinach to all of us. Like we were all in a dream, with the tea giving us the kick.

And about the girls, well, there’s only one worth the stare. ONE.
No wait, there’s more…she happens to be the daughter of the managing director of the company. Period.
I feel like I’m lying in a desert, and the one pouch of water belongs costs a million bucks.(which i obviously don’t have.) As if I have Mark Zuckerberg’s laptop, but I don’t have the password. As if she’s on top of a skyscraper, without stairs or an elevator. (don’t ask me how she got there)
It’s okay. There’re a lot more things you can do in office. One of them is blogging about it. 🙂

7 thoughts on “A day at the office.

  1. That's what TV does to you. Outside world is so mundane, boring and unsexy. And if it is sexy, it's just way out of your reach.

    And if it was IN your reach, you wouldn't be a nerd watching US shows and blogging stuff. You would have been football player screwing in the female locker room.


  2. Well then, we need to redefine sexy for ourselves, don't we. I'm not totally hung up on the fact that my life is like a TV show. Heck, my life is a different TV show altogether. And as long as I'm not a frontline actor, who cares if no one else watches it ?


  3. Aah, the woes of a 6 months internship! I am going through one. It's quite similar. And for, there is not even ONE guy to stare at 😀 And I don't like The Office because of it's constant camera movement in order to create that real feel 😛


  4. Yeah, well, I've never seen things from a girl's perspective. 😛

    I don't think you've watched enough episodes then. It's not possible to hate Michael Scott! I like that camera movement, as it's one of the things that make it unique.

    Btw, I thought girls are supposed to get stared at, rather than stare ? 😛
    Or maybe no one ever stared at me. 😀


  5. You're right. I have not seen many episodes from the show. But I didn't say I hate Michael Scott. I don't like the camera – which is the same in every episode. “why should boys have all the fun” of course we love to stare(a more subtle, discreet and decent version of a stare though) and then we sigh 😀


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