Review: The King’s Speech

There are few who wouldn’t be curious about a movie, which gets nominated for 12 oscars.

For those who didn’t know that, I bet you are now.
DISCLAIMER: The blogger is not responsible for anyone who feels their experience was ruined by reading this post.
I hadn’t even seen the movie’s trailer before watching the movie. And once you read the news that it got 12 academy nominations, you try to look for those parts only, and decide whether it’s justified.
The King’s speech is a story about George the sixth(Colin Firth), who was the duke of York, and the younger of his father’s (the then king) two sons. He had a stammer almost since his birth, and could not speak fluently, with or without a million people listening. This greatly affected his overall confidence in doing anything, so he was never prepared to become King.
After his father’s demise, unusual circumstances forced him, and not his elder brother, the actual heir, to ascend the Throne. And hereby, the real story starts.
This was the year 1936, by the way. Just before the second war. The age of Hitler. Imagine the duke’s reaction when he was chosen.
Fortunately, he finds a suitable Australian doctor, who gives him elocution lessons, using the most eccentric methods.
All right, I won’t disclose anything else. In fact, it doesn’t matter that much. This movie is more about artistic performances, than the suspense. Now my remarks:
-Make no mistake, Colin Firth was unbelievable. You don’t get to see that level of acting much, these days. The entire movie is worth watching just because of his performance. An oscar after the golden globe, won’t be surprising.
– The music director, Alexandre Desplat, makes you feel like you’re walking in a forest, with a hint of rain, and a gentle breeze blowing. I love piano. (Although I want to see Hans Zimmer with the Oscar for Inception)
Helena Bonhem Carter, the female lead, was also excellent. And by the way, brace yourself, she’s the same person who played the role of Bellatrix Lestrange, in the Harry Potter movies. You’d be truly amazed about this, when you watch the movie.
Geoffrey Rush, the doctor, totally deserves his nomination for the best supporting actor.
– The dialogues, albeit in British accent, can make you rewind.
– The cinematography and film editing are commendable. Although, a real cinematographer would appreciate it more.
So should you watch it ? For those who fall asleep in slow-paced movies, don’t. For everyone who thinks a movie is not just about action, romance and comedy, do watch this.

Pure Oscar material. I hope you fully understand what that means.

5 thoughts on “Review: The King’s Speech

  1. It is amazing to see how Helena Bonhem Carter plays this role in contrast to the role for which she was known previously, Bellatrix.
    As far as I'm concerned, I hope Colin Firth gets the oscar, he totally deserves it. But Geoff Rush has stiff competition. I don't think he can match Bale.

    Nicely written.


  2. The King's Speech is an awesome movie! It is one of those clean and simple movies that we seldom get to see these days…no stupid comedy (only witty dialogues), no stupid action (only captivating sequence of events) and no stupid overflow of emotions (just pure and awesome acting!)


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