Minus+Minus = Plus ?

If you’ve all sincerely read the preface, the smarter of you might have figured I link a lot of my thoughts to movies. And the smarter ones can also figure out who those smart people are. 😛

(Recursive pj. Don’t blame me, a lot of my friends are from computers.)
Okay, so I was discussing The Social Network with my mom today, about its foundation, its basis.
About how it all started over an ugly spat with a girl, adding on to the misery of being labelled a dork throughout his college life. And how he screws over his roommate, his best friend, over missing out on the Phoenix club.
Hot, spicy vengeance, fresh from the oven of jealousy.
Anyways, my question is; are the greatest ideas in the world all built using bricks of negativity ?
Before raging to the bottom and commenting ‘Dude, you can’t stereotype.’, just think about it.
Shah Jahan built the Taj Mahal, the world’s most beautiful tomb. Romeo & Juliet is awe-inspiring, yet a tragedy.
We don’t necessarily need to jump 500 years back to quote more. Take a look at Hollywood. People follow the take-make-rake methodology. Take out anything tragic, from the pages of history, or the present. Make a movie out of it. Rake millions out of it. Slumdog millionaire made Danny Boyle a millionaire, (though to me, he’s still a slumdog.). Titanic. Period.
Heck, even I made this blog out of negativity. I entered a really depressing domain name at first, and changed it later. In any case, the idea of whether me writing a blog is one of the greatest ideas ever, is debatable. 😛
Is creativity just a consequence of negativity ?
Is minus + minus = plus ?

12 thoughts on “Minus+Minus = Plus ?

  1. Nicely put…I m sure it involved a deep thot process which is th least i expect from u but look a lil deeper and u ll find tht the greatest inventions r products of inspiration…in the movie mark made tht websit bcoz he ws inspired by the prospect of bein inductd into the club (which incidently required fr one to prove his badassery)…slumdg mill was a success coz ppl saw a slumdg winning a millon bucks (a seemingly impossible feat) and fr other melodramatic reasons of which no intellectual indian wud b proud…fr most ppl its nt the bleakness of a tragedy but the hope to nt b a part of it tht inspires them and makes the tragedy a succes…an artist looks fr a muse…it cud be a negativ feeling or positive fr tht matter…thts watch I feel but hey me just a guy who sees the glass half full (wid poison…:D…but thts nt the point)…personally I felt rather helpless after watching social net….
    PS…I m sorry fr my terseness but I d really like to explain wat I said…hell of a maelstrom u have stirred…but I dont want to clog ur blog wide my prolixity….


  2. It's not really about negativity. It's about the extremes, actually. You go too high or too low, and that becomes interesting. Nobody's interested in mundane stuff.

    You check out biographies of anyone great in history and you will find that at some point they went through a deep crisis or a downfall after which they rose. You got to have slope in your life's curve. But yes, creation has also resulted from experience of extreme ecstasy and joy too.

    So it's the extremes that change things.


  3. Top down approach 😛

    @Strider: Nice thought. 🙂

    @Ankur: Would you call having OCD an inspiration? I'm not denying that it gave birth to one of the greatest things ever, but I consider OCD as a negative extreme of inspiration. Agreed about slumdog though, just that I take any opportunity to abuse danny boyle 😛

    Clog your blog…haha, that's a nice touch. Just to be clear, I reiterate, my world is way too empty to be clogged right now. So keep 'em coming, with half a glass poison, or dragon blood, whatever you like !

    @Nishant: Couldn't agree more on the concept of extremes. Maybe i'm not considering the joyous ones, perhaps owing to my pessimism. Comes down to strider's comment, really.”When you're that down, there's only one way to go.”

    Lastly, @Rans: Honored. 🙂



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